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New Catalog and Price List of BCN bombas 2020

New Catalog and Price List of BCN bombas 2020

On March the new Catalog and Price List of BCN bombas will be at your disposal, going into effect on April 1st, 2020. You will find the latest incorporated products as well as the equipment already known by our customers. A wide catalog of products to meet the needs of domestic pumping.Our new additions such as the new compact pressure group with built-in frequency inverter iSmartPump, with an LCD control panel that allows you to control the equipment and view all the parameters. And the new Multisum Series, a multistage submersible pump for lifting clean water, ideal for installations in tanks and open wells.

iSmartPump by BCN www.ismartpump.com
iSmartPump by BCN www.ismartpump.com

YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN A PRESSURE EQUIPMENT LIKE THIS ONE! The iSmartPump set is designed to be used in any type of domestic application such as water points supply in homes (faucets, showers, toilets, etc.), irrigations or water transfers, thanks to its multifunction control panel.From the Phone App you can control the device at any time and place, saving time and effort. It allows you to visualize its current status, activate and deactivate the equipment, adjust the water pressure and access the error record. THERE IS NO PRESSURE EQUIPMENT LIKE THE iSmartPump.

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How to keep your pool clean?

How to keep your pool clean?

When the heat arrives, the pool is one of our favorite places. To get it ready, there are several maintenance actions that must be carried out due to a matter of health so that the water is clean. There is the technical issue: before starting the pool you must perform maintenance tasks: to clean the pool, to check the perfect condition of the pump, to clean the filter, to verify the filtration process and the quality of the water... BCN Bombas recommends the self-priming pump with pre-filter Lince series. It is the ideal pump for pool purification equipments. Choose the quality at a good price.

Extension of the range of pressure regulators

AQUACONTROL PLUS-MC: This model of pressure regulator allows the regulation of the starting pressure between 1.5 bar and 3 bar by turning the rear cone. It also includes an automatic reset system and anti-lock function in case of inactivity for more than 24 hours.



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