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Bombas BCN, s.l.u. is a young and dynamic company that assumes the brand BCN bombas born and developped in the company hidraulica alsina, s.a. (bomba hasa), with more than 40 years of experience in the pumping sector.
Our brand BCN bombas, created in the year 2011, has a complete catalog of products to cover the needs of domestic pumping.

It also has a strong identity, as a result of the combination of a careful selection of products, the quality and design of its articles, appropriate to the requirements of the facilities where they are mounted and a competitive price according to demand.

We want to thank all our customers for the trust placed in our team and guarantee them that we are prepared to meet the challenges that the present and the future will bring.

The pumping of water is essential for the development of a healthy and full life: from the drinking water, the morning showers, an efficient heating system, to the evacuation of the wastewater, something so necessary for the sustainability of our environment.
From our position and always together with our clients, we will work to improve the Life of everyone as far as we are able to go.

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