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Peripheral pumps

The peripheral pumps are small-sized pumps ideal for installations where high pressure and low flow rates are required:

  • Self-priming peripheral pumps up to 7 meters PE range ideal for small industrial pressure equipments or agricultural applications.


Peripheral self-priming pumps

  • Peripheral pump.
  • Widely used for systems with limited flows and high pressures.
  • Maximum suction depth is 7 m.
  • Motor: 2900 rpm, closed motor with external ventilation.
  • Safety class: IP-44.
  • Insulation: F.
  • Shaft: Stainless steel.
  • Pump body and union body: Cast iron.
  • Impeller: Brass.
  • Impeller-body seal faces: Brass.
  • Mechanical seal: Ceramic / Graphite.
  • Max. water temp.: 80ºC.
  • Max. ambient temp.: 40ºC.
  • Thermal protection and electrical cable with SCHUKO-M connector included.
Note: Our pressure groups can be mounted with this model: GP - PE/AQUACONTROL-MC, GP-PE/RP90.

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