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How to keep your pool clean?

How to keep your pool clean?

When the heat arrives, the pool is one of our favorite places. To get it ready, there are several maintenance actions that must be carried out due to a matter of health so that the water is clean. There is the technical issue: before starting the pool you must perform maintenance tasks: to clean the pool, to check the perfect condition of the pump, to clean the filter, to verify the filtration process and the quality of the water... BCN Bombas recommends the self-priming pump with pre-filter Lince series. It is the ideal pump for pool purification equipments. Choose the quality at a good price.

Extension of the range of pressure regulators

AQUACONTROL PLUS-MC: This model of pressure regulator allows the regulation of the starting pressure between 1.5 bar and 3 bar by turning the rear cone. It also includes an automatic reset system and anti-lock function in case of inactivity for more than 24 hours.



New Catalog of BCN bombas

The widest portfolio in the category of domestic pumping has a new catalog. We have redesigned the logo and the cover with the new image of the brand BCN bombas in line with the new times. We highlight: Cover with the representative colors of BCN bombas, structured and intuitive index, complete technical data sheets with accurate data and the packing measures of each range.




5’’ Multistage submersible pumps ideal for installation in tanks and open holes. All stainless steel components in contact with water are manufactured in AISI304 which, together with its optimum hydraulic performance, make this series a highly reliable and competitive proposal for its use. All models include level switch, controlbox with ON / OFF switch, capacitor and circuit breaker.



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