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Fire-fighting equipments

The fire-fighting pressure equipments are used to supply water to equipped fire hydrants (BIE) built under the standard UNE 23.500:2012.

  • Fire-fighting pressure equipments GUNE range basically composed of an electric main pump, an electric \\\"jockey\\\" pump and an electrical switchboard under standard UNE 23.500:2012 (Annex C).


Fire-fighting systems

  • Fire-fighting groups composed of an electric main pump plus a jockey pump.
  • Built under UNE 23.500:2021 standard (Simple supply) fully equipped to supply armed fire faucets (RIA).
  • Main electrical pump.
  • Jockey electrical pump.
  • Electric switchboard according to standard UNE 23.500:2021 (Simple Supply).
  • Shut-off ball-valves.
  • Retention valves.
  • Stainless steel imp. manifold.
  • Pressure tranducer 0-10 BAR.
  • Calibrated safety valve (does not need regulation).
  • Manometer 0-10 BAR.
  • Hydropneumatic tank 24L.
  • Assembled over frames.
  • Control panel with electronic regulation and pressure reading by electronic transducer (without pressure switches).
  • The equipments are setup and regulated in factory, which simplifies their start-up.

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