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Clean water pumps accessories

The accessories for clean water pumps include all the necessary elements for the control, operation and protection of the pumps themselves and all the necessary components for the installation of pumping equipment and pressure groups:

  • AQUACONTROL electronic pressure regulators specially designed for the automatic control of clean water pumps in pressure equipments, no maintenance is required.
  • Analog pressure regulators or switches PR range specially designed for automatic control of clean water pumps in pressure equipments, which opens or closes the circuit depending on the fluid pressure reading.
  • Electric level switches IN range for electric switchboards maneuver and control and protection of clean water pumps, sewage pumps or diesel transfer pumps.


Pressure regulator

  • Pressure regulator designed for automatic control of pumps.
  • It keeps the pump connected, while there is water supply consumption, at a constant pressure in accordance to the requested flow.
  • Needs neither regulation or maintenance.
  • Built-in manometer, retention valve and protection system agains lack of water.
  • Provided with electrical cable + SCHUKO-M connector and electrical cable + SCHUKO female connector for pump direct connection.
  • New system of Automatic Restart available in case of stoppage due to lack of water and Anti-lock Feature in case of inactivity for more than 24 h.


Pressure switch

  • Pressure switch for automatic start and stop control of pumps.
  • It opens or closes the electrical circuit depending on the water pressure reading, which is adjustable.


Float control

  • Compact level switch of simple chamber.
  • Suitable for tasks of filling and emptying.
  • Three-polar cable (black [common], blue and brown).

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